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Nightlife in Parikia

Paros is an island with a diverse and intense nightlife. As a holiday destination, its capital Parikia easily caters to all tastes and offers the visitor who enjoys “the night life” the opportunity to spend their holiday without ever getting bored. The cafes and restaurants along Parikia’s seafront give the impression of being a family destination, but don’t be mislead! At Saloon D’Or, one of the oldest bars in Parikia, start off with a relaxing afternoon cocktail before moving onto shots. Then head upwards to Evinos, an alternative rock bar where you can chill out with a cool drink, inside you can dance your heart out, taking breaks to cool off outside on the large terrace with a view of the whole bay. Pebbles offers similar views accompanied by Jazz music and often live music from great musicians.

You can hear a wide and diverse range of music at the classic Pirate bar which also organizes good live shows, while at Yiannis with its unique décor and art music you might be lucky enough to experience some famous Parian singers accompanying the pianist. In the narrow, picturesque streets there are several hidden bars that play a variety of music including ethnic, electro and Heavy Metal, such as Mama said no (formerly “House”) who organize various types of music nights with DJ’s or live guests. On the left side of the seafront (as you look towards the sea) visit the cool ethnic Selini or next to it Booze’n’Tales with jazz, blues and rock’n’roll sounds. Just beyond is the bar-club Alga with baroque décor and with an upbeat sound.

If, after all that, you want to continue…. congratulations on your endurance, you can continue on to Parikia’s river bed where there are other clubs with uplifting Greek and international music, the old classic Dubliner with at least three different bars and two stages, from which there is no guarantee at what time and in what kind of state you will leave. Or you could head backwards towards the port along the seafront, where up a side street you will come across Island and experience the Greek Cult situation (with 'flying' paper napkins etc.) Why not spend your daytimes in one of Paros’ beach bars, such as the ethnic Magaya at Souvlia beach, or Marcos at Parasporos or the more upmarket Tango Mar in Livadia.

Later, enjoy a meal in one of the many diverse restaurants, whatever appeals to your taste, in Parikia. You could have a siesta (optional, depending on age and stamina!) and then continue your evening in one of the aforementioned establishments. You'll no doubt soon understand why Paros can fairly be considered to be the leader in Cycladic nightlife in the Greek Islands. Send us your feedback about our mini-guide on Parikia nightlife!

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